Warranty lighting systems

Each Kriladesign product is provided complete with a specific warranty. The warranty represents an additional advantage and does not replace all other rights belonging to those who purchase one of our products; specifically, the rights held by the purchaser in accordance with Directive 1999/44 / EC related to consume goods guarantees remain unaffected. Kriladesign branded products are guaranteed against defects as for materials and workmanship, for a period of 3 YEARS, starting from the date of purchase. What does the warranty involve? The free replacement of the defective product, subject to certain specifications that we are going to illustrate.


Within 1 month from the discovery, the purchaser must report any defect in the product via a registered letter a.r. attaching proof of purchase in the original, to Kriladesign Srl, c.da Mattonata n.28 -62019 Recanati MC - ITaly, which will arrange all for the collection. The warranty is solely applied in case the defective product is made available and complete with all elements it originally was made of and in its original packaging. The three-year period of validity of the warranty starts on the first day of purchase. Any replacement or repair of the product carried out by Kriladesign does not imply any extension of the warranty period.


Are to be considered out of the warranty any damages caused by causes not related to the normal operation of the product (lightning, atmospheric phenomena, overvoltage, overpower, irregular power supply, etc.), or damage occurred during storage at the point of sale or transport from the point of sale to the customer . The warranty lapses if the product has been tampered with. The warranty is not applied in case of damage caused by negligence, use or installations not in accordance with the instructions provided, tampering, interventions by third parties, damages due to the buyer's negligence. It is excluded compensation for direct or indirect damages of any kind to people and property for the use of the product. Kriladesign reserves the right to verify the correct application of the warranty upon receipt of the product within 15 days from the receipt of the product.


The product cannot be dispersed in the environment and its disposal at end of life must be according to the provisions in force in the country where the conferment is made. For any controversy, Macerata Court will be exclusively competent, and the Italian law will be applied.