Natural essence, luminous creation.

Made in Italy indoor and outdoor lighting systems

Our tenacious roots deep into home ground and our eyes aiming at the future, we devote each of our days to this Mission “Light”; always taking care of our generous nature and with that born and made in Marche approach, to life and work, which means being resilient, genuine and ingenious.

With a 40 year experience in the injection moulding industry, we have undertaken a path of research and development, focusing on the combination of two elements, methacrylate and LED, ideal to give rise to a brand new concept of "luminous element."
The goal is to conceive advanced, sophisticated lighting systems, for indoor and outdoor, technologically natural, low environmental impact and low energy consumption.
We welcome new brilliant and enlightened designers to co-work in synergy with our in-house team, enriching with their vision the development and evolution of Kriladesign.
We feel like being a sort of "planet of research and creativity", where you share the awe in front of a project coming true ... and the emotion, that line connecting us to those who choose our creations.

The story before and behind…

There is a story, over forty years old; a story made of roots and tradition as well as innovation and wish for further goals. It is the story of a little boy holding a restless and imaginative soul, who loved to run barefoot all over Recanati countryside and to build his own wooden toys. That little boy turned into a patient and ingenious man and his creative energy invented a “new light” as a gift bound to that Land always feeding him with warmth, strength and wholesomeness. And he “infected” the whole family with his quixotic spirit and the belief that will and commitment to create something special can change the flow of life. Kriladesign is his star and within this solar system our family enterprise has arisen. Today, thanks to experience, product quality, top technology and spurring passion, we keep on rising to the challenge, we keep on writing together our big project, bringing our individual imprint, personality and professionalism. We balance out, we mix and match and we share the same vision: always look beyond shades and spread light over everyday spaces and everyday stories of those living them.