Contractor: realization of lighting system for hotel, shop, restaurant, etc.

Out of the box… and out of the catalogue! Here’s our approach in thinking, designing and dedicating our expertise to the Contract area. In order to meet the demand for particularly sophisticated custom-made solutions and applications, we offer turnkey projects aimed at spaces with particular characteristics, such as stores/points of sale, hotels and restaurants, work environments or any other retail/activity space. Our work philosophy and strong points are those marking our company: technological research, know-how, creativity, flexibility and energy; in this case “customization” is the extra point making the difference. Our in-house team works in synergy with a group of external professionals and the combination of languages, skills and specializations is the key to manage every project in a complete way and from every necessary perspective, to achieve the best result, responding to all requirements and meeting the highest quality standards. The first step is always the dialogue with the client, in order to share all needs and expectations regarding the entrusted project. From the analysis of feasibility step, we move on to the design phase and then to operation one, to concretely implement the lighting system suitable for that space and its features. Customization embraces every aspect, from the practical and functional one, to aesthetics (colors and finishes).

Each patented modular refraction lighting system we create comes as a tailor-made solution, in harmony with the client's taste and in compliance with technical specifications. It is made to enrich every environment, with taste and refinement and to let lighting express its highest value and plus, in terms of healthiness, naturalness, eco-sustainability and energy saving.