Made in Italy indoor lamps.

Inspiration comes from chemistry, imagined planets or from the desire to play with creativity design and technology. Whether it is the cosiness of your home or a professional space, an office a shop, our patented lighting systems assure an ideal distribution of light and the refined manufacturing enriches the diffusion with eye-catching effects.

New in 2017

Old Age

The flow of time, the settling of remembrance, the wisdom acquired: here are the elements this project holds and conveys. It revamps those classical chandeliers, with curved shapes displaying candles. The reinterpretation involves a design of laser cut sinuous curves and transparent plexiglas cylinders provided with a special diffusor recalling the idea of a candle. The indirect light Old Age spreads is generated by the numerous LEDs with temperature control.

Novità 2017


It is the reason of what really is: la blade of light. From a subtle metal profile a plexiglas slab shows out and its manufacturing is designed to spread out in the environment the highest quantity of light in the best and most efficient way. The play of geometries placed asymmetrically on the two sides of the slab, contributes to enhance not only the sparkling effect but the depth one as well. Pure luminous essence.


It is all about chemistry and about fullerene molecule, existing in nature, identified as C60, that is also the name of the lamp become its embodiment. The collection comes from the brilliant Italian designer Davide Montanaro, a lucky encounter and a precious collaborator for Kriladesign development team. The design looks unique and unmistakably suggestive, it exalts all features of methacrylate and Led, and creativity loves to compose and un-compose endless lighting solutions.

Common denominator? Modularity (distinctive sign of Kriladesign production); from the basic module, in a natural continuity, all further models are developed. Wall, ceiling or table/floor, every single lighting fixture is able to dialogue with all kinds of environments, offering a sophisticated light, gentle while impacting. Whether you develop flat or for heights structures or you create spheroidal shapes, each concept come as an invitation to let your mind imagine… a net pattern, a planet or even a flower picked up in that planet; luminous creations born to hold the infinite space within a room.


You are never too old to learn… and to play. Designed by the young talent Emilia Burchiani, from le Marche region, in collaboration with Kriladesign development team, the collection enhances that free and naive spirit of design, kindly respecting the “serious” functionality of fixtures. And here comes a series of lamps showing no ambition to astonish but the warm desire to become part of people’s places. You already play starting from the naming of the elements composing the collection: Hula, Jive, Lui and Lei, Dada. The line delivers solutions for any demands (hanging or table/floor). Curved and gentle lines and heart-warming colours let light speak in its purest expression, with a balance of suggestions inspired by movement, that can be music or dance. Besides the more essential and sober shapes you have more whimsical ones for those looking for the unusual hint in everyday spaces.


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