Methacrylate and LED lighting

Elective affinities and functionalities.
To create our products we’ve chosen methacrylate and LED light sources as our elective materials. Why? First, because of their quality and reliability, then for their “green factor” and the countless possible applications they open up. The synergy of craftsmanship of the making and cutting-edge technology allows us to boost the extraordinary features of materials, so ideal to meet the most sophisticated needs of modern design.

(POLYMETHYL)METHACRYLATE is more and more chosen and appreciated by interior designers and architects. Because of its strong points: exceptional transparency, highly luminous transmission coefficient (92%); it also comes docile to modelling, light-weighted and non-toxic, durable and with an amazing shock resistance (10 times more than glass). Thanks to a wise study of shapes and thicknesses, we can create a variety of light effects and colour tones, which UV protection keeps stable over time. The surface can be satinized, varnished or coated by electrolytic processes. Methacrylate is eco-friendly too: it is totally recyclable, it allows direct reuse of waste materials, without any treatments (and the object is disposed as "recoverable" waste to protect the environment). Such versatile materials let creativity be always inspired and free to try new eye-catching material mix with other elements, such as wood, ceramics or steel.

LED LIGHT is perfect for creating ambience and for architectural or scenographic lighting. In ongoing evolution in terms of efficiency, it represents the future of light sources, increasingly preferred to the traditional one. It offers extraordinary light performance and warm shades of white light (4000K), without heat emission (no IR rays). Top colour performance, stability, special brilliance and definition, no UV rays: here’s the added value in our products able to emphasize every detail of a furniture, room, structure, improving your quality of life. LED light sources provide up to 30,000 hours of operation, with 70% of the luminous efficiency. In addition, you will clearly see on bills the drastic reduction in energy consumption, up to 70%. Let’s make an example: one of our hexagonal elements releases a power of 2 watts, equal to the 12 watts of a traditional bulb. Not only aesthetics and performance, the LED light also loves, respects and preservers nature and environment, thanks to the lack of mercury, lead and heavy metals and to the better disposal time due to the remarkable durability of devices. In our production process we use injection moulding systems to make some details in methacrylate, pc, abs and more. We also see to the laser cutting or CNC machines operations on further components, working on laser cut plexiglas slab, as well as for other metal (aluminium or brass) components, later galvanically treated or painted with specific products. For the electronic part (LED circuit and power supply) we rely on partner companies highly specialized in the industry.