Observation, study, experimentation, a depth knowledge of the subject, its characteristics, strong or critical points, its propensity to match different materials: that’s the basis of our work; it aims at understanding and enhancing the functionality of eco-materials, discovering and favoring "elective affinities".

Our design lamps come to light when methacrylate meets LED light sources, a material combination able to satisfy all our expectations in terms of sustainable design, sustainable lighting and possibility to achieve eco-friendly design.

Let's see why they are so congenial to our production philosophy and corporate culture… how did they inspire our creativity?

Our long history started with third party-production and PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) being our core material. Over time we’ve lived its evolution, up to becoming an object of attention, increasingly chosen and appreciated by professionals, designers and architects.

It’s an ideal choice because of its special features: outstanding transparency and such high, 92%, light transmission coefficient. Besides that, it is also easy to model, light while durable and with a strong impact resistance, 10 times more than glass. Another key-factor is the non-toxicity, allowing us to guarantee the maximum safety of our methacrylate lamps made for environments enjoyed by kids.Dsc 3354 1

A methacrylate surface can be satin, painted or even coated through electrolytic processes. A careful study of shapes and thicknesses allowed us to obtain a multiplicity of luminous and chromatic effects, kept stable over time by protection from UV rays. The methacrylate diffuser is made with such precision as to bring it closer to the glass, but with lighter weight; a complex process aimed ta avoiding bubbles and imperfections, and guaranteeing the right angle of the light: ergonomic and glare-free.

The crucial strong point is the eco-friendly factor making material a completely recyclable material and you don’t need any treatment to reuse its scraps.Dsc 3459

Now let's talk about LED light. When you say Led, you think atmosphere, architectural or scenographic lighting. No longer it’s the future of light sources, but the present, increasingly preferred to traditional lighting, not only in private but also in public lighting. What does it offer? Quality, reliability, green factor and endless possible applications in lighting engineering! Let's look at the extraordinary performance as for luminous efficiency: power LED sources guarantee operation up to over 30,000 hours of use, that’s to say 70% of luminous efficiency. The “pros” list is rich: warm shades of white light (4000K), without heat emission, absence of IR and UV rays, high color rendering, stability, brilliance and definition.

What’s the added value of our eco-design lamps? They exalt every detail of pieces of furniture and of any environment, improving quality of life. We have efficiency and well as energy saving: infact Led provides a drastic reduction in energy consumption, up to 70%... a lighter and brighter bill! A practical example with our products? A hexagonal element (those ones Fullerene collection LED lamps are made of) has 2 watts power, equal to the 12 watts of a traditional light bulb.Img 3862

Then, here comes the "eco" factor too: the LED source is made to be friendly to the environment, which it respects and preserves, being free of mercury, lead, heavy metals and, thanks to the remarkable durability of the devices, we have more diluted disposal times.

The synergy between craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology is the key to enhance the exceptional features of these materials, ideal for responding to the most sophisticated needs of sustainable contemporary design. 

Kriladesign Team is here ready to show you every lighting options suitable for your spaces; design lamps for your homeplace or work environments, as well as solutions for the contract sector.


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