The trendy palette of the year comes clearly inspired by nature, ranging from bold and characterful tones to more neutral shades offering a versatile base for decor.

Let's find out new proposals and chromatic combinations for lighting and furnishings and in which way they can enhance and even transform home or work spaces, adding a hint of style. Kriladesign too offers design-LED lighting proposals aligned with the up-to-date colors.

1. Zenith Green: the tranquility of the Nature

Zenith green comes to convey a sense of peace and tranquility. Chosen for walls or for furnishing and lighting elements, this shade connects with nature, creating spaces that inspire serenity and well-being.

Ambiente VerdeMeme Verde

2. Electric Pink: sparkling energy

2024 is not just about powder pink, but we also have electric pink, the bold response to the minimal trends of recent years. This color communicates a positive vibe, transfer character into any space and perfectly pairs with neutral or metallic shades.

Ambiente RosaPopup RosaOldage Rosa

3. Misty Gray: soft elegance with a hint of mystery

Misty gray is the ideal choice for those seeking timeless elegance with a subtle hint of mystery. A shade inspired by the early hours of the morning, it adds depth to interiors and creates a sophisticated and captivating style.

Ambiente GrigioHula Bianco

4. Galaxy Blue: Infinite Depth

A color holding the depth of space, perfect for nocturnal settings or spaces aimed at  relaxing. When used for illumination, galaxy blue adds a touch of mystery and sophistication, creating a cozy and wrapping environment.

Ambiente BluMeme Blu

5. Terracotta Orange: warmth and connection to the Earth

This is the choice inspired by the colors of the earth. A shade that can be used on walls, fabrics or furnishings and lighting elements, ideal for creating a comfortable, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Ambiente ArancioMeme Arancio

6. “Limitless” is the new Beige

Warm and extraordinarily versatile, this nuance is designed to perfectly harmonize with cool and warm tones. As a "neutral" shade, it is ideal as a background and can be incorporated into furnishings or lighting accessories, thanks to its essential and relaxing mood.

Ambiente BeigMeme LegnoEssenza Beige 

7. Red: surprise in any shade

It was the most surprising proposal at the last Salone del Mobile, in every shade: from orange-red (raspberry blush) to vibrant red, crimson, and even burgundy (very dark bordeaux).

Ambiente RossoC15 Rossa

The catchy color trends for lighting and furnishings bring interesting and unexpected shades into 2024, inspiring chromatic creativity and personalization of home spaces according to one's taste and personality.

Choose the color(s) you want to bring into your spaces, contact us to get all the details about the products featured in this article (some are unique pieces and limited edition).

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