During "normal" times they estimated that in Western Countries, population spends 90% of their time indoors, in times of pandemic emergency we can easily round up to 100%. And when we say comfort we mean light-generated comfort, coming from the balance between natural and artificial light.

Light is a crucial factor in our daily life, from the morning first click “ON” on the switch or the opening of the window. Light traces a map guiding us through our spaces and revealing the space we’re moving within. To feel “at home” it’s important to choose the right light source, and to ensure artificial light takes over and integrates natural light, creating a synergistic "collaboration" between lights.C60

Therefore, lighting design is a multidisciplinary mission, between science and creativity.

Whether it is the product that illuminates or the whole environment lighting, the focus is physical and psychological well-being of people, their well-living. And it’s not just a matter of placing artificial lights but also of creating atmospheres and related moods.

The integration of light sources could seem a simple task, while in reality we need a careful study to deliver adequate levels of light and visual comfort; we start by guaranteeing average lighting in all environments considering all the factors and integration solutions, and moreover the demands and habits of people; lighting that will be adjustable according to the use of the rooms. Other main points are eco-sustainability and energy saving (and consequently economic); so all solutions chosen should optimize and reduce consumption.Zed Hula

Lighting technology

We know that a 100% artificial source able to replace natural light does not exist at the moment, but certainly technology constantly worls for the well-being of the individual, and the market provides endless lamps with increasingly high-performance technologies, including LED lighting systems. To be able to get closer to sunlight color through artificial lights, you need to consider both color and brightness: some solutions let you adjust the color temperature based on the need for light throughout the day; it’s usually a brighter light in the morning for greater productivity, and later becomes softer and relaxing in the evening. Useful detail is a control system from simple on/off, to dimming only or a combination of the two. A great innovation comes from smart devices, equipped with sensors capturing and record all lighting variations in the environment and sending data to unit control when they exceed the set threshold.

Not by chance we chose “Natural, like the Sun” as our payoff linked to our name Kriladesign, that’s exactly the heart of our work and of our way of designing and producing. The patents of our LED lamps offer a light that is as far from artificiality as it is close to naturalness.

If you are thinking of getting some new lights into your home or work spaces and look for perfect integration of light sources, just get in touch via email at uff.vendite@kriladesign.com or call us at +39 071 980314.

Hear from you soon.

Kriladesign Team


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